This neighborhood is one that has been a popular place to call home for years.

Welcome to Lutherville

A suburban neighborhood with lots to see and do, just North of Baltimore City.
Located North of Baltimore City, you will find the town of Lutherville. Its suburban feel means that it has a fairly laid back and relaxing atmosphere, while also home to many parks, restaurants, and coffee shops. Filled with greenery, entertainment, and single-family homes, this neighborhood is one that has been a popular place to call home for years.
Lutherville first began in 1852, and from the start was created with the intention of becoming a community. As of 1972, this community has been considered a historic spot in the United States. Since the beginning of its history and throughout the years, Lutherville has developed into the friendly suburban neighborhood that it is known as today.

What to love

  • It’s suburban and community feel, with accessible transit options to the city of Baltimore
  • Great real estate options with lovely single-family homes, all within the picturesque atmosphere of Lutherville.
  • Socializing and doing recreational activities at the plentiful number of parks, coffee shops, and restaurants in the area.

Local Lifestyle

Living in Lutherville’s beautiful suburban environment means that there is plenty to do outdoors. Lutherville has a sense of community that makes it a place where people raise families and spend time with their loved ones. With schools known for their academic excellence, families are attracted to love here. People of all ages love what life in Lutherville has to offer. Days in Lutherville are often spent at one of the many parks in the area, at community-run events, coffee shops, or restaurants that exist in the area. It's easy to socialize in this town that is known for having friendly neighbors and people who are welcoming of everyone.

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

Lutherville is a place that is well known for its diverse range of delicious restaurants. From seafood to Italian to everything in between, the entertainment and dining in this neighborhood can’t be beaten. Many restaurants are locally run, and have everyone coming back for more. People love to shop at malls and other spots in the area too.
Bluestone Restaurant is a locally owned restaurant specializing in seafood and grill options. It has a lively atmosphere with a bar and some top-notch food, making this a favorite spot amongst locals. Ocean Pride Seafood serves locally caught seafood and is most known for its raw seafood bar and tasty steamed crab. They even have a bar to enjoy a drink alongside your seafood. They offer a nice selection of wine to pair with your meal too. Fine Italian dining can be found at Liberatore’s Ristorante. With fantastic dishes, and a dining room or lounge option to enjoy your meal in, this restaurant has become a can’t-miss restaurant that has something for everyone in Lutherville.
A shopping favorite in Lutherville is the Yorkridge Shopping Center. With plenty of well-known stores all in one spot, from clothing retailers to art supply shops, you find all of your shopping wishes here.

Things to Do

There is always something fun going on in Lutherville. Taking a walk through one of the parks in the great outdoors, going out fishing, and attending community events are all some of the most popular things to do in the area.

One of the most popular events among locals is the Maryland State Fair. Taking place annually every August-September, it’s a fun-filled event with rides, carnival food, games, and entertaining shows and performances. The Maryland Fairgrounds, where this fair takes place also hosts many other exciting events throughout the year, including craft shows, barbecue festivals, and so many more.

There are many beautiful parks in Lutherville, including Meadowood Regional Park. With a playground, green spaces, places to play sports, and picnic areas, so much fun is had all year round. Loch Raven Reservoir is another popular outdoor space, especially for going on fishing excursions to catch Bass fish.



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